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Industric Gaming Solutions | Poker Machine Bases


What are the dimensions of your bases? Industric bases can be made to any dimension, Our standard size is 1000x500x500H  

How much do your bases weigh? This will depend on largely on the size and options you pick, typically a base would weigh about 30kgs 

How much weight can the bases carry? Our bases have been tested to hold up to 500kg. 

Can you just supply the bases? Yes, Industric is happy to supply bases to your venue Australia wide or can assist with the installation if necessary. We recommend sending at least one person to your venue to show your team the correct assembly method  

Can I add wireless chargers to my new bases? Yes.  

Can I have LED Strip lighting on my new bases? Yes. 

Can I have the footrests a certain colour? Yes, as standard our footrest are a neutral anodized aluminum but can be powder coated to suit any colour scheme. 

Do Industric bases have good cable management? Yes, Not only do Industric bases have good cable management they have ample space for technicians to work in allowing for less down time. 

Do the bases have a warranty? Yes, we offer a 5-year structural warranty on all carcasses that we manufacture and install. Our products are superior due to our construction methods and designs. 


Can you design our gaming room? Yes, Industric has a team of interior designers ready to design your gaming room. 

Can you measure up our space? Yes, our qualified staff can come and measure your site.* *Subject to staff availabilities, site location and scope of project. 

Can you match the colour and or style of our other existing gaming room assets? Yes, Industic has experience in matching existing joinery to maintain design continuity and save costs.  

Can you design other elements like decorative screens, features, planters, and bars? Yes, Industric has extensive experience in interior design and can design your entire gaming room. 

Can you help recommend materials and finishes that would look good in our venue? Yes, Industric will work with you to develop a colour scheme that speaks to your venue and its members. 

Can you create 3D renders and animations of our space so we can see our space it before we choose to work with Industric? Yes, however this would incur a design fee which would be credited back to you if you chose Industric as your base supplier. 


What if I already have a layout I like? Then Industric solutions can quickly develop a quotation for you to review.  

How long does it take to build the bases? Generally, from the approval of the technical drawings the bases will be ready in 6-8 weeks*. * Subject to material availabilities and current workload. 

How long does it take to install the bases? This depends on the size of the job but anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on how many bases, infills and screens required and the availabilities of your other trades. 

Can you install the bases at a time that suits us? Yes! Our install crew are happy to install your venue during a time that is convenient for you and your customers.  

Can you dispose of our old bases? Yes, Industric is your gaming solutions partner and is always keen to assist in managing more of the project to give you less hassles and peace of mind.