Are you thinking of refreshing your gaming floor but can’t afford it? Did you know that a refreshed gaming room can drive an average 22% increase in revenue within 12 months?

Let’s have a look at your current gaming room and see if it needs any improvements. When was the last time it was refreshed? Have you had any minor renovations in the last 12 months? Or any major renovations in the last 24-36 months? Are the finishes and furnishings looking tired, worn out or dated? Do you see new customers engaging on your gaming floor regularly?  

 When customers visit a place every day, they stop noticing the issues or imperfections, but after months of being away they will notice if a gaming room is looking worn and tired, if there are funky odours, poorly lit, badly ventilated or if the chairs are squeaky. 

On the other hand, a new gaming room creates a winning feeling – just like when you buy a new car, the sleek finishes, the comfortable seats, the brand-new car smell, and that new car feel makes every moment feel special – a brand new gaming room is no different, and most importantly makes customer want to stay longer and come back more often. 

Thoughtful design, changes in player preferences and fresh engagement are the key metrics for increasing revenue. But how? Through curiosity, comfort and delight. Those three words mean nothing right now but by the end of this blog you’ll know exactly what we mean. 


Creating a new and exciting space will attract new and existing customers out of intrigue and the positive psychological effects of being attracted to a beautiful space are universal. Industric has a team of interior designers that can help design the layout, specify the features, and use the existing character of your space to create a dynamic gaming floor. One that is engaging and oozes with sophistication. Industric can make your gaming floor the go-to destination of your venue. 


Player comfort is of the utmost importance to maintain gamers’ engagement whether it be for a single visit or in choosing their favorite establishment. Comfort is no longer just about a good chair, and although a great chair is a good start there is so much more we could be doing.  

  1. Create a layout that caters to multiple customers, this includes spaces that are a little more public and social and other spaces that are more private and secluded. 
  2. Ensure that clients have everything they need. Did you know more than 90% of smartphone users experience some degree of low battery anxiety? This can be solved by including wireless charging into the bases to give customers the option and the peace of mind to charge their devices when they need to.

Now you may ask how do we create delight? That’s all about the smaller details, LED fantasy lights, plant wall and decorative screening. There is significant research that supports some of the less tangible benefits of sensory experience in gaming.  

Why not get in touch today to discuss your gaming room and how a refurb can help you increase revenue. Our team of interior designers, project managers, cabinet markers and carpenters will ensure that you get the best layout, highest quality result and seamless install process. 

We are offering big discounts to help venues have a fresh look for when they reopen, and we have a number of attractive finance options to help with paying for the refurb. Don’t hesitate and reach out for your quotation as discounts are limited to the first 6 customers. 

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