The people have spoken and the result are in, infills between machines are here to stay. When the pandemic ends no one wants to go back to sitting shoulder to shoulder with Stranges and smelling the BO. Most people were uncomfortable with the way things were before the pandemic, sitting down next to a stranger near them to game wasn’t a pleasant experience. Gaming floors see reduced engagement after a degree of patronage. Which means that you’re EGMs are underutilised if there is a surge in usage for example the afternoon or evening rush.  


EGM infills can be used to break up a space and make players more comfortable, but they can also create an opportunity to elevate the player experience. Here are three key elements to consider when incorporating infills into your gaming room design. 

Distancing and Comfort 

EGM Infills can be used primarily distancing players without physical barriers creating an open layout. This gives some players comfort not having to be so close to another player but for others it allows them to still socialise without have a physical barrier. The additional bench space create by the infill can be used as beverage service area, have integrated branding for the venue or even device charging. Finally Infills can act as a base unit for creating a storage space for clothing or purses. While it is important to distance players, it is a science. The team and Industric can create gaming room layouts that have all the technical detail creating a consistent feel to your gaming floor. 


3D renders depict customised EGM infills with wireless charging, drink holder and integrated monitor. 

Modularity Pros and Pros 

EGM infills are the best way to create more flexibility in your gaming room design but only if they are done right. Modularity is key, at Industric we push our products to be as flexible as possible. When it comes to modularity we use our standard design patterns to ensure that every base, infill and screen can be mated to one another giving our customers the freedom to change their gaming floor without having to buy new bases. Modular EGM infills allow you to interchange any infill for a base or visa versa. This means that if you need to change you gaming room design or even move your room all together you can use your existing modular bases and infills to fit out the space. Or if you want to include a new feature to your gaming floor but down have the space you can easily remove an infill to create it, that may especially be useful for ATM’s or other gaming services terminals you may need. The diagram below shows the versatility of modular EGM bases in the context of a 30 Machine venue with minimal manufacture costs involved and can be arranged as an overnight install. 


Structural characteristics of a gambling venue, such as EGM infills may moderate gambling behaviour. The layout and ambience achieved by infills help to create an open, social, and comfortable environment for punters. This sets the mood and feel of the space, allowing punters to feel comfortable gambling and encouraging them to stay longer, ultimately increasing gaming revenue and profits.  


The options for EGM infills are nearly limitless, allowing infills to effortlessly align with venue theming. They can be designed to have extra features like wireless charging, fantasy lights or drink holders. The materials used can be matched to existing gaming joinery to create a seamless look in any venue. 

3D renders depict customised EGM infills with wireless charging, drink holder, snack drawer and integrated monitor.

Deciding on the right infills for your venue should form part of the planning stage of your gaming room design.  Creating an atmosphere of open space will offer additional benefits to your floor layout, acting as an integral part of the entire gaming room design to ensure the gaming area not only functions efficiently but looks attractive too. 

We offer a range of unique modular infills that perfectly with our EGM bases and can create a flexible solution for refreshing your gaming floor layout without having to buy new bases. Industric can also continue the chosen theme throughout the room and entry points.  A preferred design or style may need to be maintained; with your input we will assist in designing the pattern to continue that theme.  


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